5. Navigation Aids

The OUCS home page provides easy access to many sections. The home page contains a drop down menu listing links from basic information to highly specialised groups operating within OUCS. Browsers that cannot use or have Javascript switched off can still access the links by clicking the list heading. This will take you to a simplified listing of that submenu.

Users of speech browsing software will find skip link options to jump to the main content on all pages. On the home page there is an additional 'skip drop down menu' option at the head of the page. This allows screen reader users view the home page using a different stylesheet with links to the non-javascript version of the menu list.

Please note, what ever technology you use to view our pages, you will be given exactly the same information. We do not have a separate 'text only' version of our site, but we do provide text only views of our information.

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