7. JAWS and Stylesheet Issues

The following information is taken from http://www.freedomscientific.com/fs_support/BulletinView.asp?QC=895.

Short Description:

When reading Web pages, Internet Explorer unloads the page or stops responding (crashes).

7.1. Problem:

While using JAWS to read Web pages with cascading style sheets (CSS) in Internet Explorer, one of the following occurs:

  • The browser stops responding (crashes)
  • The page unloads
  • JAWS does not read all text that is visible on the screen

These problems are often caused by imported cascading style sheets. The page's style sheet may also cause certain text or information to be unavailable to JAWS. Usually this occurs because the page displays text or other elements at some point after the page loads.

7.2. Solution:

JAWS 6.10 allows you to control how style sheets are processed. Do the following if you experience problems with a particular Web site:

  1. In Internet Explorer, press <Insert+V>.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select [Style Sheet Processing].
  3. Press the <Spacebar> to choose [Top Level Style Sheets].
  4. Go to the Web page where you were experiencing problems. If the page is working correctly with JAWS, you can press <Insert+Shift+V> and change the Style Sheet Processing option to [Top Level Style Sheets] as well. This applies the new setting to all pages in the Web site domain. The setting is saved so you do not have to change it each time you visit the Web site.
  5. If the page still does not read correctly, press <Insert+V>, select [Style Sheet Processing], and press the <Spacebar> until you choose [Ignore All]. Return to Web site again and attempt to read the content. The "[Ignore All]" setting suppresses all style sheet information, so certain text attributes, layout information, and other details may be unavailable. If this setting allows you to read the page correctly, you can press <Insert+Shift+V> to save it as described in step 4.

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