Back and Arm Supporting Adjustable Chairs

Drawing of adjustible chair
Photo of adjustible chair

Back and arm supporting adjustable chairs are available in the Help Centre and the Lecture Rooms.


  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • Seat/Back Angle Adjustment
  • Back Height Adjustment
  • Tension Control
  • Height Adjustable Arms
  • Arm Support Adjustment

Setup Instructions

  1. Height adjustment (A) - Lift lever to activate, use body weight to lower or ease weight to raise. Release lever to lock.
  2. Seat/back angle adjustment (B) - Push button to unlock, lean back against the chair back and adjust seat and back angle. For dynamic posture the chair may be left unlocked in a 'free float' mode.
  3. Back height adjustment (C) -
    • To raise the chair back: raise back on rachet system to desired height
    • To lower back: raise back to highest position thereby releasing the rachet catch, which will enable the back to be lowered to it's starting position.
  4. Tension contol (D) - Turn control wheel to increase tension and anticlockwise to reduce tension
  5. Arm height adjustment (E) - Push lever under arm and move arm to desired position
  6. Arm support adjustment (F)- Push arm to desired angle

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