1. Indexing Policy

The Google Appliance crawls across Oxford continuously to update the search index. This ensures the search results are up-to-date. For a site to be indexed by the google appliance, pages must:

  • be on an Oxford University web server in the .ox.ac.uk domain;
  • not exclude the search engine by using the Robots Exclusion Protocol;
  • not contain HTML meta tags that prevent indexing;
  • be on a web server that is not excluded from the search collection (see next section);
  • be accessible via links from the Oxford University home page;
  • not require authentication to access the information;
  • be of a file type searchable by the search engine (see Google's supported file type list);
  • be no larger than 2.5MB for HTML and 30MB for other file types.

If you web site does not meet these criteria, but you would like to see if it can be included, please contact InfoDev Team for advice. If your web site does meet these criteria but does not appear in search results, please contact InfoDev Team.

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