4. Communicate

To achieve this we recommend:

  1. A manager with responsibility for budgets works closely with IT support staff and announces the initiative.
  2. The announcement should explain the initiative is driven by the need to reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and monetary costs. (The distinction here will become irrelevant if energy prices reflect their long term price i.e. include future damage to the environment).
  3. Provide regular updates on how well the initiative is progressing.
  4. Provide clear advice on how power management should be implemented on different types of computers e.g. those in training rooms, offices and those brought to the University (e.g. laptops). Advice will also vary depending on the operating system installed (e.g. Windows, Apple and Linux).
  5. Provide technical support during the transition phase e.g. how to use wake on LAN
  6. Your green desktop computing initiative will normally require everyone in your group to do their bit. Show a reasonable level of patience as people adjust to new ways of working but 'altruistic punishment' may need to play a role.
  7. It may be fruitful to use other means to motivate people e.g. gentle competition between groups. In general we recommend you relate energy saving to expressions of social capital rather than directly measures of energy use i.e. people are more motivated by each other than graphs and numbers.

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