1. Requirements from the ODIT-led Requirements Panel

More information and documents are available from the ODIT site. See Groupware Requirements Panel.

1.1. The schedule and time-lines

The schedule can be read from several documents:
  • Original schedule document (25 January 2008). Put to Capital Steering Group and PRAC-ICT Groups during February. Since then many dates have been pushed back due to delays at the start of the project (PDF document), (Word document)
  • Further dates are listed in the Project Brief document (PDF).

1.2. Main Project Documents

1.3. Requirements documents

  • Final functional and technical requirements for the Invitation to Tender (issued on 10 April 2008) are shown in the RequirementsDoc.xml document/page.
  • Information for technology demonstrators, including the use case scenarios used as a vehicle to demonstrate the software: Instructions for Demonstrators (PDF).

1.4. Migration and Archiving

The objective of the Migration and Archive SIG is to support the Groupware Project and the OUCS Groupware Team in planning the migrations from existing email systems to the new OUCS Microsoft Exchange system and to advise on moving data or otherwise from existing archives as well as planning for future archiving practice.

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