IT Services

Exchange and SharePoint


The Groupware project is split into two major sections. One is the implementation of Microsoft's Exchange Server for a University-wide email and calendaring service. The second is the implementation of Microsoft's SharePoint system which will help academics, administation staff and our student population to share information and work together more seamlessly than has been possible before. The following two sections highlight some of the advantages of both systems to the University as a whole.

1. Exchange email & calendaring

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 provides the critical communications tools that support our day-to-day working life. Whether we are working, studying, teaching or researching – the availability of email, calendars, attachments and contacts is crucial to how we operate within the University.

1.1. What will the user get?

2. What is SharePoint?

2.1. What will the Oxford University Groupware Project deliver?

In addition to the functionality offered by Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint will provide shared data repositories which will enable individuals and groups within the University to store, retrieve, and maintain documents flexibly and securely across different platforms

2.2. Future Development