2. Membership of the TEG

Members of the TEG are appointed for their technical knowledge and experience of deploying and supporting University-wide systems. The TEG is not intended to be representative of different constituencies (that is the role of the Short-listing Panel). Members are expected to dedicate significant time to the Group, especially during the selection phase.

The TEG is chaired by Peter Jones, Senior Specialist, Hierarchical File Server, OUCS.

The TEG has established an email list (groupware-teg@maillist.ox.ac.uk) which is open to individuals who have an active interest and expertise in the technical aspects of a groupware solution.

The Chair of the TEG is an ex officio member of the Short-listing Panel. The Vice-Chair and/or the Technical Secretary of the TEG may be in attendance at Short-listing Panel meetings.

Currently, the TEG membership includes:

  • Adrian Parks, Systems Administrator, NSMS
  • Alex Winawer, Systems Development and Support, OUCS
  • Andy Cotgreave, Student Information Systems
  • Andy Saunders, Communications Programmer, Networks
  • Barry Cornelius, Information Services, OUCS
  • David Janes, NSMS
  • David Popplewell, Experimental Psychology
  • David Rischmiller, OUCS
  • Ian McArthur, Department of Phyics
  • John Ireland, Jesus College
  • Lou Burnard, Assistant Director, OUCS
  • Mark Norman, Groupware Project Manager, OUCS
  • Mark Timms, BSP
  • Matthew Buckett, WebLearn Developer, OUCS
  • Mike Fraser, Infrastructure Systems and Services, OUCS
  • Pete Biggs, Groupware Project Board
  • Pete Jones, Senior Specialist, Hierarchical File Server
  • pod, Systems Development and Support, OUCS
  • Ray Miller, Section Manager, Systems Development and Support
  • Robin Stevens, Network Security, OUCS
  • Sebastian Rahtz, Information Manager, OUCS
  • Sylvain Phaneuf, IMSU
  • Tom Jones, Systems Development and Support, OUCS

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