5. Compiling a New Data CD

5.1. Using the Wizard

With the Nero Wizard, follow the screen prompts as shown below to compile a new data CD:

5.2. Compiling the Data

After the Wizard has run, you should be presented with the compilation window. At the right is a file browser which shows you the files available on your own computer system. On the left is an area showing the files that you have selected for placing on the CD - this will initially be blank apart from a disk icon labelled NEW representing the empty CD.

To select files for placing on the CD, drag files and folders from the file browser across to the NEW disk icon. You can then build up a tree of files and/or folders in any combination you like, as shown below. In this example, the file data.z from the local folder My Documents is being added to the CD compilation.

Note that nothing is actually being copied to the CD at this stage - you are just creating a list of the items you want. If you change your mind about an item, you can delete it from the left-hand part of the display by right-clicking on its icon and choosing the [Delete] option from the local pop-up menu.

5.3. Writing the CD

When you are happy with the list of items you have compiled, you copy them to the CD using the [Write CD] option on the [File] menu.

Place the CD for writing into the appropriate drive. On the Help Centre PC Scanner 1 machine, this is the lower of the two CD drives.

On the next screen, click on the Burn button.

Then on the Choose Recorder(s) dialogue, click on the OK button.

Writing of the CD will then begin and its progress shown. The CD writing process is very sensitive to interruption so don't do anything else on the computer until writing is complete.

At the end of the writing process, click the Discard button to remove the progress messages.

To begin work on another CD, use the [File/New] menu option.

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