1. Help Centre PCs running Windows XP

There are approximately 35 Viglen Genie PCs running Windows XP. All have CD/DVD drives, some also have CD-writing and zip drives.

2. Help Centre Apple Macintosh Computers

There are 6 Apple Macintosh eMac computers with a variety of software, and a mixture of peripherals including external floppy disk and zip drives.

One eMac is attached to a flat-bed scanner and equipped with OmniPage OCR software and Adobe Photoshop image editing software.

Two eMacs are dedicated to video editing activities and can be connected to a DV/VHS tape recording/copying machine.

3. Help Centre Printers

The Help Centre has the following printers:

  • An HP Laserjet 4200 A4 black-and-white laser printer
  • An HP Laserjet 4600 A4 colour laser printer
  • An Epson 1220C A3 colour inkjet printer

4. Help Centre Scanners

The Help Centre has three colour scanners - all Epson model 2400 - all scan at 2400 dots per inch and can handle negatives and transparencies. Two of the scanners are attached to Windows PCs, and one attached to a Macintosh. All are bookable via a diary alongside each machine.

5. Help Centre CD Writers

A block of eight of the Help Centre workstations have internal CD-writing drives and the Nero software for which an introductory guide is available. There are also CD writers in the PC scanning workstations, and in one of the "flower-power" iMacs.

6. Help Centre ZIP Drives

Some of the Help Centre workstations which have CD writers also have internal 250Mb ZIP drives. One of the scanning PCs also has a ZIP drive.

7. Help Centre Video Playback Facilites

A Sony VHS SLV-225 is connected to a Toshiba monitor.