1. Introduction

On May 12th, 2003, OUCS introduced a paycard for use in the OUCS Help Centre and at the Job Reception counter. The card can be used to pay for staff-mediated services such as poster printing and also for the self-service laser-printing and photo copying facilities in the Help Centre.

Cards can be purchased from the Service Payment Centre within the OUCS On-line Shop or from a coin-operated dispenser in the Help Centre. Cards cost £1 and have an initial 50p worth of credits on them. Additional credits can be obtained via a separate coin dispenser or via the Service Payment Centre, which allows purchases by credit or debit card as well as departmental order.

For staff-mediated services, credits will be deducted from the Paycard at the time that work is collected. Self-service facilities deduct credits via a card-reader unit.

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