1. Introduction

On May 12th, 2003, OUCS introduced a paycard for use in the OUCS Help Centre and at the Job Reception counter. The card can be used to pay for staff-mediated services such as poster printing and also for the self-service laser-printing and photo copying facilities in the Help Centre.

Cards can be purchased from the Service Payment Centre within the OUCS On-line Shop or from a coin-operated dispenser in the Help Centre. Cards cost £1 and have an initial 50p worth of credits on them. Additional credits can be obtained via a separate coin dispenser or via the Service Payment Centre, which allows purchases by credit or debit card as well as departmental order.

For staff-mediated services, credits will be deducted from the Paycard at the time that work is collected. Self-service facilities deduct credits via a card-reader unit.

2. Notes

  • Specially designated "departmental" cards are available from the Shop (via departmental order only) to provide for VAT not being applied to an internal trade, i.e. services supplied against departmental orders. This will only be applicable to staff-mediated services.
  • Receipts for the purchase of cards or additional credits will only be obtainable if bought via the OUCS On-line Shop.
  • Refunds cannot be given for cards or unused credits.
  • The OUCS Paycard is not interchangeable with other University cards such as the Bodleian Photocopying Card.