1. The Background to the Service

Due to staffing shortages this service is suspended until further notice.

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Computers with damaged components can generally be repaired through our Hardware Repair Service. Where the damaged part is a hard disk and it is necessary to back-up data before replacement, our Data Backup Service can be invaluable. A new hard disk also requires an operating system, and provided there is proof of ownership of a Microsoft license, the System Re-install Service can supply this.

Unfortunately even when a computer is undamaged, some major software problems can only be solved definitively by backing up all data and completely re-installing the operating system. This is very much a last resort because it involves reinstalling and reconfiguring all software used on the machine. As long as you have the system restore disks and a functioning CD drive it should be possible to carry out this work yourself using our instructions. Otherwise we are happy to provide this service for you.

The following charges apply:
Data Backup to external media £70+VAT
System Re-install £70+VAT
Data Backup + System Re-install + Data Restore £120+VAT

Note: There is a non-refundable minimum labour charge of £48 including VAT for this service. Payment must be made via the Service Payment Centre in the Online Shop before your machine is left with us. The charge will be deducted from the final bill for any work carried out, but remains with us to cover our costs for administrative and diagnostic work if we are unable to recover any data. If the hard disk proves too damaged for an operating system re-install we will contact you about a possible replacement.

If you are interested in taking up this service, please contact the OUCS Help Centre

1.1. Data Backup Service

  • As far as possible, we will back up C:\Documents and Settings , which typically contains all user data (e.g.My Documents, your Desktop contents and Favorites/Bookmarks), plus any other files specified.
  • The backup to external media will be provided on up to 4 CDs or up to 2 DVDs (9 GB maximum). Alternatively you can provide your own external hard drive or memory stick to receive the recovered data.
  • If you require a backup of more than 9 GB, and extra set of 4 CDs or 2 DVDs can be added for an additional charge of £10 + VAT. If you provide your own external hard drive there is no extra charge for recovering more than 9 GB of data.
  • Where the data is being backed up in conjunction with a reinstall, the data is stored temporarily and then replaced on the machine so that no CDs/DVDs are used.

1.2. System Re-install Service

  • You must supply proof of ownership of an original Microsoft licence.
  • If you cannot supply the original Windows and driver CDs we will endeavour to re-install using our own generic (English language) CDs with your licence key.
  • We will install the operating system and hardware drivers where possible, as well as Sophos Anti-virus. You yourself must re-install any software you require.
  • During a re-install we will format the hard-drive and all data on the machine will be wiped.

1.3. Other Options

Whilst OUCS will endeavour to recover lost or damaged data on a best efforts basis, it does not have the highly sophisticated facilities necessary to provide a comprehensive data recovery service. Where the information on a disk is regarded as vital, we would recommend that the data be recovered by a specialist data recovery company, although such services tend to be expensive.

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