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IT Services Hardware Repair and Upgrade Service

This service is operated on a cost recovering basis for University members' equipment which requires an upgrade or cannot be repaired under the terms of the Computer Hardware Breakdown Service. Repairs can be carried out on both PCs and Apple Macintosh computers, as well as USB memory sticks and external hard drives. The service is operated in collaboration with Equinox Maintenance Limited and some equipment is sent off site for repair.

Most manufacturers are catered for. Wherever possible, only good quality, branded parts from well-known manufacturers are used, consistent with economic pricing. Typical repair times are 7 to 14 working days and all repairs and upgrades are carried out with a 90 day warranty on parts and labour unless otherwise advised.

Price Guidelines - including all parts and labour but excluding VAT
Service Size PC Laptop PC Desktop Mac Laptop Mac Desktop
Memory Upgrade Prices start at £48 but are very variable. We will provide a quote for your specific machine
Hard Disk Replacement *
For other sizes please ask
320 GB (SATA) £78
(SATA) £78
750 GB (SATA) £98
(SATA) £98
1 TB (SATA) £112 (SATA) £96 (SATA) £112 (SATA) £96
2 TB
(SATA) £155 (SATA) £155
120 GB (SSD) £126
(SATA) £126
240 GB (SSD) £186
(SATA) £186
Install Hard Disk in an external USB Enclosure £60
Repairs and Upgrades on PC Laptops - prices vary according to make and model. The ranges below indicates typical repair costs including parts and labour but excluding VAT
Battery £75 - £90
Fan £100 - £140
Cure Overheating £ 55 - £135
Replace Case
£115 - £175
Keyboard £90 - £170
DC Power Socket Replacement
£85 - £100
AC Adapter (Power Supply Unit)
£70 - £120
LCD Screen £120 - £300
Mainboard £120 - £335
Touchpad £105 - £115
CMOS Battery Replacement £ 48
Repairs and Upgrades on Apple Macs - the price of parts is set by Apple and varies considerably between models. We can look up prices based on the machine serial number.
Last price update: November 1st, 2013

Please ask about any other work not listed above. The usual labour charge is £60+VAT per hour with a minimum charge of £48 inc VAT. In some circumstances we can also fit parts which you have purchased elsewhere at this hourly rate. Please note, however, that we do not provide any warranty for parts we have not sourced and will make an additional charge for removal if this proves necessary for supplied parts which are faulty or non compatible.

* If you require a data backup or operating system re-install in conjunction with this service we offer a discount on the total price - please ask via the enquiry form.

To take up the Hardware Repair and Upgrade Service please follows these steps:

  1. Fill in the Enquiry Form below
  2. If it is essential to you that your equipment be repaired on site, please specify this in the 'Full details' section of the form. Please be aware that the requirement for an on site repair could lead to some delay in the repair time.
  3. We will reply via email, generally within two working days.
  4. If you would like to proceed with the work, please bring the machine into IT Services, Banbury Road site between the times stated in the reply.
  5. Before (or whilst) you drop off your equipment, payment of a investigation fee of £48 including VAT is required via the IT Services On-line Shop. This will be deducted from the total cost of any work carried out but remains with us to cover administrative, preparatory and diagnostic work if you decide not to proceed after a quote is made.
  6. If it becomes apparent that the work will cost more than the preliminary quote, we will inform you and await approval.
Hardware Repair Enquiry Form

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Provide up to 6 words, e.g., "Water spilt on keyboard".


If applicable, include the make and model of your computer, e.g. Dell Inspiron.


How do I find the serial number? Suggestions for PC and for Mac.


Is your machine still under warranty? (see note 1 below)


If you have an undiagnosed hardware fault, include details of symptoms including exact wording of any error messages etc.

I understand that the £48 investigation fee is non-refundable.
I accept the IT Services and University standard terms and conditions .
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  1. Please book Apple Macs warranty repairs in via the Apple Warranty Repairs form. Hardware problems for any other machines under warranty should normally be referred to the supplier/manufacturer since investigations by third parties may invalidate the warranty.