IT Services

Registering to use the Help Centre


To use the resources and facilities which the Help Centre offers you will need to register for a Help Centre username and password. This account is separate from any other OUCS account you may have, such as one for email access. There are some cases when you do not need to register for a Help Centre account - for example, if you have attended an OUCS course and wish to continue your study at your own pace in the Help Centre. Please ask the Help Centre Staff for details.

1. How to Register for a Help Centre Account

To register for a Help Centre account you will need to visit the Help Centre, where a self-registration terminal is available. You will need to bring your University Card with you. (If you do not have a University Card, apply for one from your departmental administrator or college bursar). Once you have registered you should change your Help Centre password.

Attention Mac Users: It is currently not possible to use your Help Centre account on the Macs. We hope to remedy this situation soon, but for the time being the Macs can be used without needing to log in.

2. Problems with your Help Centre Username and Password

If you have any problems with the initial registration for a Help Centre account or if you forget your Help Centre username and/or password, please ask the Help Centre Staff for help.

3. Expiry of Help Centre Accounts

Help Centre accounts have the same lifetime as other OUCS accounts and are linked with the University card in the same way. You will receive an email warning both before your University card expires and before your OUCS accounts expire.

4. Changing your Help Centre Password

You can only change your password when you are logged on. Note: your Help Centre username cannot be changed.

4.1. Windows XP Users

4.2. Apple Macintosh Users

Once the Help Centre accounts can be used on the Macs, this section will contain the password changing instructions.