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Introduction to Text Scanning with OmniPage


1. Introduction

Text (OCR) scanning on the Help Centre scanning machines is done with the OmniPage package. OmniPage lets you scan a series of pages and store the whole sequence in a single file in a variety of word-processor document formats. OmniPage also lets you spell-check your material, although this can be quite time-consuming and is usually best left until later, using your own computer.

2. Starting up OmniPage

Start up OmniPage by double-clicking its icon on the Windows desktop.

3. Automatic Scanning

If you have a lot of pages to scan, you can set Omnipage to automatically scan at preset intervals, e.g. every 10 seconds. This leaves you free to concentrate on placing each page in turn onto the scanner glass, without having to constantly switch your attention between operating the scanner and the computer screen. To request this, use the [Tools->Options->Scanner] menu option.

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For automatic scanning, have the [Automatically scan pages] box checked, and set the [Time between scans] value to the required period.

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4. The OCR Wizard

Omnipage can be operated in 3 modes: AutoOCR, Manual OCR, and OCR Wizard. For new users, the OCR Wizard is probably the simplest to use. Click on the OCR Wizard to select this mode.

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To launch the OCR Wizard, click on the "magic wand" icon to the right of the OCR Wizard button, then work through the various settings options. In most cases, you should not need to change the default setting.

4.1. Step 1 - Document Source Options

These options allow you to specify the source of the material, and whether it includes any pictures that need to be processed.

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4.2. Step 2 Document Content Options

These options allow you to specify various column and table processing options.

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4.3. Step 3 Language and Performance Options

These options allow you to specify what languages are included in your text, and whether you prefer speed or accuracy in the processing.

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4.4. Step 4 - Layout Retention Options

These options allow you to specify what formatting information you want to retain.

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4.5. Step 5 - Proofreading and Training Options

These options allow you to specify whether you want to proofread/spell-check your document and whether you want to make use of Omnipage's Intellitrain feature (allows training on a particular type of material to improve accuracy).

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4.6. Step 6 - Export Options

These options allow you to specify where the material is to be exported (saved) to.

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After clicking on the Finish button, scanning of the first page will begin. If you have automatic scanning enabled, then in between scans, a dialogue box appears giving you the option to [Pause] or [Stop Scanning].

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After your final page has been scanned, click on the Stop Scanning button.

5. Saving Your Scanned Text

To save your scanned text, use the [Save As] menu option. This allows you to choose the location and type of the file in which the text is stored.

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The Advanced provides a few further options, in particular whether multiple pages are saved together in a sibgle file, or as a separate file for each page.

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