6. Saving Your Scan

After making the scan, click on the TWAIN Close. This will take you back to PhotoShop. You can then Save your scanned image. Use the [File/Save As] option to choose where to store the image and the storage format to be used.

The most commonly used storage formats are JPEG and GIF.

6.1. JPEG Files

The JPEG file format is very widely used for photographic images. It provides a compression option which can give a dramatic saving in the storage requirements for an image, although possibly at some loss in image quality.

If you choose the JPEG option, you then need to set the compression level to be used. In PhotoShop, this is specified as a value ranging from 1 (most compression and producing the smallest file but with the greatest reduction in quality) to 12 (least compression, largest file, no loss in quality). The actual file size that will be produced at a particular compression setting is shown at the bottom of the JPEG Options windows.

6.2. GIF Files

The GIF file format is mostly used for line-drawings, computer screen-shots, logos etc. It allows a maximum of 256 colours in the image. Although GIF does offer compression, it is extremely efficient for storing images containing area of a single colour. If the GIF image is specifically for use on a web page, the [File/Save for Web] menu option provides additional options for saving GIF files.

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