10. Placing Material on the Scanner

10.1. Books, Papers, Photos etc.

Place books, papers, photos etc. face down, as flat as possible against the glass. If possible, have the top of the material at the end of the scanner farthest from you - it will then be the right way up on the screen and easier to work with from the start. If this is not possible, don't worry as you will be able to rotate it at a later stage.

  • For creased or wrinkled material, pressing it against the glass, e.g. using the booking diary, may give better results.
  • For thin paper printed on both sides, placing a sheet of black paper on top while scanning will help stop the reverse side showing through.

10.2. Negatives and Slides

For negatives or slides, use one of the various slide holders that accompany the scanner. You will also need to remove the white padded sheet that is normally slotted in to the lower side of the scanner lid. This allows a light source to illuminate your material when being scanned.

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