4. Hardware Problems

If you think you have a hardware problem then:

  • If your machine is still under its manufacturer's warranty: then contact the manufacturer or supplier for advice on how to get the machine repaired. Details can usually be found on their web site.

  • If your machine is registered on the OUCS Breakdown Cover scheme: then request an engineer call-out.

  • For advice on getting the problem fixed at OUCS, see our Repair/Upgrade Enquiry Form and Price-list.

Even though your machine may have a serious hardware problem, you may still be able to get a copy of your data from the hard disk using the OUCS Backup and Reinstall Service.

If your machine's hard disk itself has a serious hardware fault, recovering any data from it will require the services of a specialised data recovery company. These services are often expensive but may offer a "no recovery, no fee" charging system.

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