3. The Windows Advanced Options Menu

The Windows Advanced Options Menu provides some alternative ways of running Windows when it won't start up normally. To display this menu, you need to power off your computer and then restart it. Immediately start tapping the <F8> key until the Advanced Options Menu appears as shown below. You may find it requires several restart attempts to get this menu to come up.

Windows Advanced Options Menu
Please select an option:
  Safe Mode
  Safe Mode with Networking 
  Safe Mode with Command Prompt 
  Enable Boot Logging 
  Enable VGA mode 
  Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked) 
  Directory Services Restore Mode (Windows domain controllers only) 
  Debugging Mode 
  Start Windows Normally
  Return to OS Choices Menu
  Use the up and down arrow keys to move the highlight to your choice.

If your computer's problem is so serious that it won't get as far as the Advanced Options Menu, skip to the section below on Windows Repair Installation.

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