8. Authorizing another user to retrieve your files

By default, TSM allows only the user who archived the files to retrieve them. The general exception to this is that the (Linux)root user and (Windows)system account can retrieve any files. You can authorise other users to retrieve archived files by using the following basic syntax: set access archive filespec node username. Thus to grant the generic login "operator" on the current machine access to retrieve archived files from the /project/01 filespace, you would issue the following:

  tsm> set acc archive /project/01/*/* current.node operator

The equivalent commands on Windows machines would look like:

  tsm> set acc archive c:\project\01\*\* current.node  operator 

The current access list can be queried and deleted using the query acc and delete acc commands.

Once access has been granted from another machine, you can query and retrieve archived files from that machine to your local machine using the -fromnode option, as below:

  tsm> q ar -fromnode=ANOTHER.NODE
  tsm> ret -fromnode=ANOTHER.NODE /project/*/*  /home/retrieve/

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