1. Configuring the TSM Linux/Unix client for Archive

A template options file dsm.sys is available via ftp and is reproduced in the next section. Please edit this file according to the comments at the top of the file.

If your system is not already using TSM software for the HFS Backup Service then you need only to save this file, once edited, in the TSM installation folder - typically /usr/ or /opt/ then /tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin. You will now be able to access the Archive service by starting the TSM Client program either as a GUI or a Command Line client as below:

 # dsm				- for the GUI
 # dsmc				- for the command line client

If you are already using TSM software to Backup, then the edited options should be appended into the existing dsm.sys file. When you run the TSM Client program, it connects to the first Server listed in the dsm.sys options file. If you have appended the edits then running the TSM Client as before with no arguments will connect to the HFS Backup Server by default. To connect to the HFS Archive Server the Client program will now require a Server Name as an argument as below:

 # dsm -se=OX_HFS	 	- for the GUI
 # dsmc -se=OX_HFS		- for the command line client

Note that OX_HFS equates to the entry for the Servername option in the template options file above.

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