1. Introduction

The HFS archive service is subject to a formal application procedure requiring explicit permission over and above the eligibility criteria for simple backup. If you are engaged in a project which produces data of long term value to the University, you should refer to the Policy on Computer Archiving Services. A simple table of what constitutes suitable candidate data for archive is also listed for quick reference. Please also bear the following considerations in mind:
  • Data retention

    Data cannot be archived indefinitely. We ask project applications to state a realistic lifetime for a project. Some projects have a natural conclusion whereas others may extend into the future due to regulatory requirements or simply because the data is of great value. Typically, projects are granted archival for 1-5 years. Where longer retention is desired, we advise that a further case for continued archival is made on every 5 year anniversary, this being not too onerous while ensuring the archive receives appropriate occasional consideration.

  • Backup accounts

    Archived data must not be backed up to the HFS backup service. Where a client machine is sending data to both the backup service and the archive service, the TSM client software must be configured in such a way that avoids sending the same data to both backup and archive. We can help with the setup of this configuration. In practice this normally requires a physical separation of the archive data from backup data on the client (for example into a separate partition or root folder-path).

  • Costs

    Long-term projects, and those requiring large amounts of data (> 4TB) will probably be asked to contribute to the on-costs of archive storage (see the HFS Service Level Description). Externally-funded projects should have a defined element for data storage and will be expected to contribute to these costs.

  • Size

    There are limits to the amount of data the service can store. In practice a range of between 50GB and 50TB is acceptable. Requests at either end of those scales will, however, be subject to greater scrutiny and possibly additional restrictions. At the lower end we might ask why local storage cannot be used. Towards the upper end, we might ask for additional assurances on data curation, provenance and access. Projects above 50TB may be considered but additional storage charges above 4TB may make a local storage solution more of an economic proposition.

Please use the archive request form to submit your application for your data to be archived on the HFS.

The configuration and use of the TSM archive / retrieve client software differs subtly from the TSM Backup / Restore client. For this reason you are strongly encouraged to read the following sections in order.

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