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Using the TSM Client Software for Archive & Retrieve


1. Introduction

The HFS archive service is subject to a formal application procedure requiring explicit permission over and above the eligibility criteria for simple backup. If you are engaged in a project which produces data of long term value to the University, you should refer to the Policy on Computer Archiving Services. A simple table of what constitutes suitable candidate data for archive is also listed for quick reference. Please also bear the following considerations in mind: Please use the archive request form to submit your application for your data to be archived on the HFS.

The configuration and use of the TSM archive / retrieve client software differs subtly from the TSM Backup / Restore client. For this reason you are strongly encouraged to read the following sections in order.

2. Software Installation & Configuration

The TSM Archive client uses the same software as the TSM backup client. Consequently those archive clients which have already installed and are using the TSM software for backup, will just need to follow the additional configuration steps available from the links below, in order to use the HFS archive service.

If your machine does not already have the TSM software installed then you should first click the appropriate link below to first download and install the TSM client software.

Windows Download & Install
Mac OSX Download & Install
Linux/Solaris Software download Additional Configuration

3. Initial Considerations before using TSM archive & retrieve

There are some general considerations on archive and retrieve that apply to all TSM client users, irrespective of the client platform they are running. Please therefore read the next section before reading the platform specific pages on how to use the TSM archive / retrieve software.

Archiving is in some ways a completely separate concept to that of backup. Additionally, by its very nature, archive suggest an inherent value in the data to be secured. For these reasons it is advisable to start using the TSM archive software by setting up a test area within the project and exploring the capabilities and features of the TSM archive client in a test environment, before moving on to archive "live" project data.

Some areas to consider before archiving your project data are:

4. Using TSM Archive & Retrieve on your client platform

For simplicity, usage of the TSM client software is grouped according to interface type and function. Click on the appropriate link below for a tutorial on how to Archive and Retrieve files: