2. Archiving Selected Files & Directories

To archive multiple files and/or directories, start the TSM Tools for Administrators program from the TSMArchive Application folder. You should see the following menu appear:

TSM Archive Startup Menu

Choose the OK button, then enter your local administrator password at the next screen. Finally, enter the TSM Archive account password when prompted. The main screen of the TSM GUI should display and you should click the Archive button. The first time you access your HFS Archive account, a screen as below will display:

TSM Archive Conversion screen

This is a one-time feature that displays only on the first access to the Archive account. Click the Yes and the initial TSM Archive screen as below will display.

TSM Archive first screen

Expand the view of local partitions by clicking the arrow adjacent to the Local entry.

TSM Archive partitions screen

The folder tree can be expanded by clicking the arrow adjacent to a folder. Files in a a folder can be displayed in the right-hand window by clicking the folder name. Files and folders can be selected by clicking the grey selector boxes as displayed below.

TSM Archive selected files and folders

Having selected the files and folders to archive, ensure the correct Description is selected. By default this displays as Archive Date: dd-mm-yyyy. To archive the objects under an existing Description, expand the drop-down list to the right and choose from the displayed list.

Alternatively, a new description may be entered by typing directly in the Description field, as below.

TSM Archive Description field

Now Click the Archive button. The Task List screen will next display as the TSM client constructs a list of local files and inspects them against a list on the server. Files will then be archived as illustrated below.

TSM Archive Task List

The archive can be halted at any time by clicking the red circle button in the Task List window. A Detailed Status Report, as illustrated below, can be displayed by clicking the centre button in the Task List window.

TSM Archive Status Report

Closing the Detailed Status Report while the archive is running returns focus to the Task List window above. Closing it when the archive is complete returns focus to the front window of the TSM GUI.

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