1. Introduction

The HFS Backup service at Oxford uses TSM client-server software to provide an up-to-date and complete backup of the current local filestore of your machine. The following steps assume that you have already registered for the service and obtained, installed and configured the TSM client software on your computer.

The procedure starts with the making of an initial backup of all the files on the local machine (i.e. the client machine) and subsequently making regular backups reflecting any changes to the filestore. This initial backup must be performed manually and must complete before running automatic scheduled backups. Subsequent backups can also be performed manually but our recommendation is to use the automated scheduled backup facilities and to supplement these with manual backups when required.

There are some general considerations regarding Backup and Restore that apply to all TSM client users, irrespective of their client platform. Please therefore read the next three sections ( 2 - 4 ) before reading the platform specific pages on how to use the TSM software.

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