5. Changing the TSM password

The TSM password can be changed at any time. The initial password, given to you at registration for TSM Backup, should be changed as soon as the TSM client has logged into the TSM server. Thereafter, it should be changed at regular intervals and at least once a year as they expire after this interval. To this end, users are contacted, by mail, at the beginning of the last calendar month before their password expires, advising that the password should be changed.

Passwords should be strong and un-guessable. TSM passwords are case independent. In addition to letters and digits they can contain the characters + - _ . & (plus, minus, underscore, point, ampersand) and must be between 6 and 63 characters long.

To change the TSM password, load the dsmc module and enter:

tsm> set password oldpassword newpassword

Now quit the TSM session, and restart to ensure that the new password has been stored correctly.

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