2. Upgrading from an earlier client version

If you have an earlier version of the TSM client already installed, you should uninstall it before carrying out the install of the current version, as follows:

  1. From the installation directory of the prior version ( typically SYS:/tivoli/tsm/client/ba ), save the files dsmsched.log, dsmerror.log and dsm.opt to an alternative location.
  2. If you are running TSM version 5.3 and you have used TSM data encryption to encrypt your backups, then you should make a copy of the file TSM.PWD to a safe location. Please look at the troubleshooting section for further information on this.
  3. Unload the scheduler module DSMCAD.NLM.
  4. If you used the NWCONFIG.NLM module to install the previous version of the TSM client (as we will do below), you should use this module to deregister the previous version:
  5. Load the NWCONFIG.NLM module.
  6. Select the "Product Options" option from the main menu.
  7. Select "View/Configure/Remove installed products".
  8. Delete any TSM components from the resulting list.
  9. Delete the TSM installation directory.

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