1. TSM Client Software for MS Exchange and SQL

Contrary to popular belief, there does exist Tivoli client software that performs fully supported and consistent backups of MS Exchange and MS-SQL databases. It requires the standard TSM backup client software for Windows as a pre-requisite and utilises TSM agent software which uses Microsoft APIs to backup and restore these databases while still running.

The HFS service is able to procure, at cost price, a licence for the TSM agent software to backup MS Exchange and MS-SQL database applications and pass that cost on to the client. Costs are dependant on the processor architecture and processor core entitlement of the client machine, but for illustration purposes agent software to run on a dual-core Intel Xeon 5420 processor would cost around 400GBP. A quad-core would predictably cost double that. A newer-generation Xeon 5570 processor would attract a 40% overhead on the above quoted cost for the same number of cores. These are one-off costs.

Because of the bandwidth requirements of the backups, the HFS service will only support this client when operating across a 1Gb (gigabit) (or faster) network infrastructure. Please contact hfs@ox.ac.uk for more details.

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