3. Accessing Help

Online help for TSM commands, options and error messages is available by typing help at the tsm> prompt. The result will be similar to below:

1.0 New for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Version 6.4
2.0 Using commands
  2.1 Start and end a client command session
    2.1.1 Process commands in batch mode
    2.1.2 Process commands in interactive mode
  2.2 Enter client command names, options, and parameters
    2.2.1 Command name
    2.2.2 Options
    2.2.3 Parameters
    2.2.4 File specification syntax
  2.3 Wildcard characters
  2.4 Client commands reference
  2.5 Archive
  2.6 Archive FastBack

Enter 'q' to exit help, 't' to display the table of contents,
press enter or 'd' to scroll down, 'u' to scroll up or
enter a help topic section number, message number, option name,
command name, or command and subcommand:

Note that commands and options may be abbreviated to a short form as indicated by capitalisation of words in the syntax entry for a command. Thus, for example, query filespace can be abbreviated to q fi. Options and commands can also be included on the original command line so, using the above example, on a Netware machine you can run load dsmc q fi to just run a query of the current partitions backed up. Obviously, more complex queries and commands can be similarly run in the same manner.

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