8. Authorizing another machine to restore your files

If you are responsible for a number of TSM client machines, you can protect against the loss of one machine by authorizing a different machine(s) to restore backup versions of your files. The basic syntax for this is set access backup filespec node username. Thus to grant the root user on machine ANOTHER.NODE access to restore the /home filespace, you would issue the following:

  tsm> set acc backup /home/*/* another.node root

The equivalent commands on Windows and Netware machines would look like:

  tsm> set acc backup c:\* another.pc  system     		** Windows
  tsm> set acc backup USR:*  another.svr  root    		** Netware

The current access list can be queried and deleted using the query acc and delete acc commands.

Once access has been granted from another machine, you can query and restore files from that machine to your local machine using the -fromnode option, as below:

  tsm> q files -fromnode=ANOTHER.NODE
  tsm> rest -fromnode=ANOTHER.NODE /home/*/*  /home/restore/

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