5. Backing up your data

5.1. Backing up local disks

The basic syntax for backing up local disk volumes is dsmc backup-type disk volume(s), where backup-type is one of incremental or selective. We recommend incremental backups only; selective backups cause data to be sent even if it already exists on the HFS. By default, if the disk volume is omitted, TSM will backup those volumes specified by the Domain option in the dsm.opt options file. If Domain is set to All-Local, then to backup all local volumes enter:

  tsm> incr

where incr is an abbreviation for incremental.

To incrementally back up specific volumes enter:

  tsm> incr C:  D:  F:                     ** Windows
  tsm> incr /                              ** Mac
  tsm> incr /  /usr  /usr/local  /home     ** Unix/Linux
  tsm> incr NDS:  USR:  SYS:  APPS:        ** Netware

To run an incremental by date backup of the above, add the -incrbydate option, as in:

  tsm> incr C:  D:  F:  -incrbydate 

To back up entire disk volumes irrespective of whether files have changed since the last backup, use the selective command with a wildcard and -subdir=yes as below:

  tsm> sel C:\*  D:\*  F:\*      -su=yes   ** Windows
  tsm> sel /*                    -su=yes   ** Mac
  tsm> sel /*  /usr/*   /home/*  -su=yes   ** Unix/Linux
  tsm> sel USR:*  SYS:*  APPS:*  -su=yes   ** Netware

5.2. Backing up selected files

The basic syntax for backing up selected files is similar to that for backing up disk partitions. Be aware, however, that you cannot use wildcards in directory / folder names:

tsm> incr /home/ians/projects/hsm*/* -su=yes                                                  

ANS1071E Invalid domain name entered: '/home/ians/projects/hsm*/*'

tsm> sel /home/ians/projects/hsm*/* -su=yes
Selective Backup function invoked.

ANS1081E Invalid search file specification '/home/ians/projects/hsm*/*' entered

You can, however, enter several file specifications on the command line, as below:

** Windows ** 

tsm> incr "C:\My Documents\Word docs\*"  "C:\My Documents\html docs\*" -su=yes

** Mac **

tsm> incr /Users/ians/*  /Users/test/* -su=yes

** Linux/Unix **

tsm> incr /home/ians/projects/hsm41test/*  /home/ians/projects/hsm41perf/* -su=yes

** Netware **

tsm> incr USR:ians/projects/tsm/*  "USR:ians/projects/new html/*" -su=yes

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