1. What do you want to exclude from backup?

The HFS TSM package comes with a set of default exclusions coded in the TSM configuration file: on these please see further our page on files and folders excluded from backup. While these default exclusions should not generally be modified or removed, they can be added to.

So that we can provide you with the best advice, please select the type of exclude rule that you need from the following list:

I want to exclude one or more specific files, or a range of similar files:
see excluding files.
I want to exclude one or more folders:
see excluding folders.
I want to exclude one or more drives or partitions:
see excluding drives or partitions.
I want to exclude everything except certain files or folders:
see excluding everything specific files or folders.
I am experienced with TSM exclude rules and want to see basic examples of the different options available:
see basic exclude examples.

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