1. Registering

Below are the frequently asked questions regarding the registration process.

1.1. How do I register for the backup service?

Please review the follow the instructions for registering for the backup service.

1.2. Who can register for the backup service?

Oxford University backup services are available to all University staff, senior members and postgraduates. You will need to have a operating system that is currently supported and direct access to the university network.

1.3. I am an Oxford University undergraduate student - can I register for the backup service?

No, IT Services do not have the resources to supply this service to all students. There may be a local service that is provided by your college or department: please speak to your local IT Support Team for further information.

1.4. Which type of account should I register for?

There are five different types of HFS account:

Desktop/laptop accounts represent the most common type of backup account. They should ideally be accessed via a direct connection to the university network, although it is also possible to do so via eduroam wireless or using VPN. Unless you have chosen otherwise when you registered your account (usually because you will only be backing up over VPN), there are automatic weekly backups one night per week, but it is not necessary to use these: you can also run a manual backup at any time. Choose this type of account if your machine is regularly connected to the Oxford network, either just in term-time or throughout the year, and then you will able to back up in university departments, colleges and libraries.
Server accounts are intended for departmental and college servers which themselves provide services, software and/or storage space for other systems. You need to be IT Support Staff to register this type, so if that is not the case then ask your IT to register it for you, with your e-mail address as the contact for the account. The daily limit is higher than that for desktop/laptop accounts, and automatic scheduled backups run six days a week (every weekday and once at weekends). Before registering for this type of account, please also read our page on server node registration requirements.
Large server
Large server accounts are intended for machines that provide services and which have over 1.5TB to back up on their first backup and which may regularly experience daily incremental data change rates greater than 300GB. These figures are guidelines only and potential users of this service, who again must be IT staff, are asked to register an interest in this service on the registration pages. Registration for this service is thus not automatic. The daily limit is higher than that for server accounts, and again automatic scheduled backups run six days a week. Before registering for this type of account, please also read our page on server node registration requirements.
Archive accounts are for the long-term storage of data which is considered to be of value to the university. Potential users of this service are asked to register an interest in this service via a web form - please see further our pages on the HFS archive service.

All accounts are available for backup and restore 24/7. For the limits on how much data you can send for the different accounts please see 9.11. How much data can I back up?.

Please note that it is possible for us to change one account type into another but that the process is not simple. If you register for the wrong type of account please do not de-register and then re-register, as this will schedule both your old and new accounts for deletion - instead please contact the HFS Team on hfs@ox.ac.uk.

1.5. What is a TSM nodename?

Your TSM nodename is the name of your backup or archive account. We ask that users have one account per operating system instance. Nodenames for backup are usually of the form username-text-dept/college, e.g. ABCD1234-MYLAPTOP-EXETER. This is called the personal desktop/laptop (flexible name) type. There are other types of TSM backup nodenames available to IT Support Staff only, as detailed below.
Nodename typeFormatExampleAvailability
Personal desktop (flexible name) username-text-dept/college ABCD1234-MYLAPTOP-EXETER All HFS users
Unit desktop (flexible name) facility-text-dept/college HELPCENTRE-PC-ITSERV ITSS only
Unit desktop (IP name) As IP name MYDESKTOP.IT ITSS only
Unit server (IP name) As IP name MYSERVER.IT ITSS only
Unit large server (IP name) As IP name MYLARGESERVER.IT ITSS only
Archive account project_ARCHIVE.dept/college IMAGES_ARCHIVE.IT Archive account holders

1.6. Can I register a Windows 2000 Client for backup?

Maintaining support for legacy and diverse operating systems is time-consuming. Therefore IT Services no longer register nodes using Windows 2000 or earlier - some existing installations will continue to be supported if the machines cannot be upgraded to a later OS but these will be done on an individually agreed basis.

Similarly, we do not receive support from IBM for legacy client operating systems.

1.7. How do I change the owner and/or contact of a registered TSM node?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are IT Support Staff: please see further our page on TSM account management.

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