4. Passwords

4.1. Why do TSM passwords expire?

TSM client passwords expire 372 days after being set. It is generally good security practice to change passwords regularly and this setting forces users to change their password at least once a year. It also provides a limited safeguard to backups of machines made by users who then leave.

However, by default, you will have the PasswordAccess option in your TSM options file set to Generate. In this case, the client and server will autonegotiate a new password and store it in encrypted form on the local client disk and you, the user, do not have to do anything.

4.2. How do I change my TSM password?

You can reset your TSM password by going to the Self Registration Page. On identifying yourself with your Oxford username you can choose the option to reset your TSM password(s). The change will take effect immediately.

The TSM password has a maximum length of 63 characters and is case-insensitive. Valid characters are [a-zA-Z0-9+.-_&] i.e. any letter a-z upper or lower case, any number 0-9, plus, period, underscore, hyphen, ampersand.

4.3. What do I do if I've forgotten my TSM password or if it has expired?

If, on starting the TSM client, you are prompted that your password has expired, or on inputting your password you receive a message 'Authentication failure' or 'ANS1051E: Invalid password', then you will need to reset your TSM password.

For how to do this please see the previous section, 4.2. How do I change my TSM password?.

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