8. Deregistering

8.1. Why do I need to deregister my node when I leave?

If you are leaving the university then we request that deregister your TSM nodes, to ensure that our systems work as effectively and efficiently as possible. If you do not deregister your node then our systems will notice that the node is not contacting our servers and will automatically send out various email notifications (missed backup notices and data deletion warnings) which results in significant administrative work on the part the HFS Team to determine whether the node is still present, and also in attempts made to contact the owner. Thus much work is prevented if you advise us that you are, or your machine is, leaving the university.

8.2. Why do I need to remove the software - is deregistering not enough?

There are three reasons why we recommend that you remove the TSM Software if you no longer wish to back up:
  • There is a licensing implication: TSM licences are arranged for Oxford University members, and so the licence that you use is linked with your association with the university. When you leave, the license is no longer valid.
  • Some older versions of TSM are subject to security vulnerabilities, and new vulnerabilities are occasionally discovered also. So, leaving TSM on your machine is a possible security risk - it is best uninstalled.
  • Installations of TSM left installed will continue to try to contact the HFS servers if the TSM scheduler is left running (which is the case by default). Deregistered TSM installations try to contact the HFS dozens or even hundreds of times a day looking for the deleted TSM account, unnecessarily using up limited HFS resources.

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