2. Downloading the TSM Software

Below are frequently asked questions regarding downloading the TSM Client Software.

2.1. Why can I not download the TSM installation file?

If you cannot download the TSM software, please verify that you were either directly connected to the Oxford University network, or connected via VPN, when you tried to download. TSM can only be downloaded, installed and run on machines that are within the physical Oxford University network or connected via VPN.

2.2. Why is my operating system not on your list?

Maintaining operating system support for legacy and diverse OSes is time-consuming. Therefore IT Services no longer register nodes using Windows 2000 or earlier - some existing installations will continue to be supported if the machines cannot be upgraded to a later OS but these will be done on an individually agreed basis.

Similarly, we do not receive support from IBM for legacy client operating systems.

2.3. Why are IT Services not using the latest version of the TSM client?

It is not practical for us always to be using the latest client software, and new versions often prove to have minor bugs. Also, unless there is a genuine reason to upgrade the client software we may not force clients to upgrade.

2.4. What would happen if I installed the wrong TSM client on my machine?

There are built-in checks during the installation that should prevent you from installing the wrong client software onto your machine - even if the wrong version were installed, the worst-case scenario is that the TSM Client would not work until the correct version were installed.

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