9.8. Which version of TSM am I running?

  • If you are using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) click on Help and choose About TSM. The screen will display the relevant information, such as Version 6, Release 4, Level 0.0. Click the screen to close it and return to the TSM hub window.

    On a Mac, you can alternatively select [Tivoli Storage Manager] > [About Tivoli Storage Manager] from next to the Apple logo (i.e. at the top left corner of the screen). Please note that this does not always give correct results: if you do this after having run TSM Tools for Administrators (which is the recommended method of running TSM on a Mac) then you will be told that you have TSM 1.0; if you do not run TSM via TSM Tools for Administrators, then TSM 6.3 and 6.4 will mis-report that you are running TSM 6.2.

  • If you are using the Command Line Interface (CLI) you should, on starting the client see the Version, Release and Level displayed above the tsm> prompt.

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