5. Manual Backup

Below are frequently asked question when performing a manual backup

5.1. Why would I need to perform a manual backup?

Manual backups can be completed at any time to capture important changed data - between scheduled backups, after missing scheduled backups or even as an alternative to scheduled backups (ideal for laptop users who are unable to leave their machines on overnight for the scheduled backups).

5.2. When is my scheduled backup?

Go to the Self Registration Page, select the node you wish to view the schedule for and select View client information from the drop-down box. The backup schedule associated with this client is provided in the on-screen information.

5.3. How can I see if my manual backups are successful?

Go to the Self Registration Page, select the node you wish to view the schedule for and select Show client's recent activity from the drop-down box. The recent activity will be displayed for backups: look for activities labelled "BACKUP" and you will be able to see the start and end times and the amount of data in megabytes that was backed up.

5.4. What do the barred red circles mean?

The folders and files marked with barred red circles are excluded from backup and will not be backed up. The specific exclusions have been written for a number of reasons, the main one being that the backups are intended to be used for individual data and not for installation directories or system data, e.g. the Windows directory or Program Files.

5.5. I want to back up a folder or file that has a barred red circle next to it.

It is possible to remove the exclusion and include a file or folder in your backup if the exclusion is performed on the client side. However, some exclusions are forced at a server level which will override any settings changed locally - please see Which files are omitted from backups which will go into the exclusions in more detail.

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