1.5. What is a TSM nodename?

Your TSM nodename is the name of your backup or archive account. We ask that users have one account per operating system instance. Nodenames for backup are usually of the form username-text-dept/college, e.g. ABCD1234-MYLAPTOP-EXETER. This is called the personal desktop/laptop (flexible name) type. There are other types of TSM backup nodenames available to IT Support Staff only, as detailed below.
Nodename typeFormatExampleAvailability
Personal desktop (flexible name) username-text-dept/college ABCD1234-MYLAPTOP-EXETER All HFS users
Unit desktop (flexible name) facility-text-dept/college HELPCENTRE-PC-ITSERV ITSS only
Unit desktop (IP name) As IP name MYDESKTOP.IT ITSS only
Unit server (IP name) As IP name MYSERVER.IT ITSS only
Unit large server (IP name) As IP name MYLARGESERVER.IT ITSS only
Archive account project_ARCHIVE.dept/college IMAGES_ARCHIVE.IT Archive account holders

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