1. Introduction

If your machine has a high file count then that can cause TSM backups to fail. Backups may take an excessively long time to complete - or they may even fail early on, if there is not sufficient memory for TSM to use when it is processing the data that is to be backed up. It is impossible to give an exact figure, but having over a million files in a single partition may be problematic.

If scheduled backups are failing and you suspect that a high file count is the cause, then the first step is to inspect dsmerror.log and, more importantly, dsmsched.log. The latter will tell you exactly what TSM has been spending its time doing during each scheduled backup for the last month. On how to find these files, please see our list of TSM Options Files. You can also see how many files the HFS is keeping for each partition of a TSM node by looking up the number of files under Data held on tape.

If you find that the file count is very high (several million files) in one or more partitions, and that as a result TSM is taking a long time to back up that data, then there are several workarounds which should enable TSM to work more efficiently.

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