13. KBWIN0013 - "The size of folder C:\adsm.sys grows larger with every backup"

Summary This article will guide you through resolving the problem that the size of the folder C:\adsm.sys is growing larger with every backup.
Symptom When TSM backs up Windows system data, it composes it beforehand in the temporary staging directory C:\adsm.sys. Such data is backed up by default on servers, and optionally can also be backed up by desktop/laptop clients. In some cases, older data is not removed from C:\adsm.sys, meaning that that directory can theoretically continue to grow in size until it fills C:.
Cause In some older versions of TSM, there are bugs which cause the system data under the staging directory C:\adsm.sys not to be deleted once it has been backed up by TSM. The older fault, IC71847: C:\adsm.sys directory not cleaned up during system state backup..., applies to TSM versions before 5.5.4, 6.1.5 and 6.2.3: in this case, the old files are never removed by TSM. A more recent problem, IC77458: After system state backup completes, VSS shadows remain on the file system until the client shuts down, occurs on TSM 6.2.2 and 6.2.3 only: here, restarting the TSM scheduler will remove the unwanted data.
Resolution Upgrade to the latest version of TSM for Windows, or at least to TSM 6.2.4, which is available from our page on downloading the TSM client for Windows. Please note that the data accumulated due to the older fault is not removed by upgrading, so you should therefore also make sure to delete the contents of C:\adsm.sys.
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