28. KBNIX0005 - "ANS1217E Server name not found in System Options File" (Linux)

Summary This article will guide you through resolving the error message "ANS1217E Server name not found in System Options File" when you try to run TSM on Linux.
Symptom When trying to run TSM, the error message "ANS1217E Server name not found in System Options File" is returned, followed by "ANS5179E TSM is unable to continue. Exiting program" is returned.
Cause Possible Cause - TSM is not configured, because the client did not connect to the HFS server when TSM was installed, and so no settings were saved in the TSM configuration files. A direct connection to the university network or, if you are outside the university network, a VPN connection into the university network, is required in order to install and run TSM.
Resolution Firstly, check that you have a connection to the university network, either directly or using VPN. Then you need to reconfigure TSM: on Ubuntu the command is
dpkg-reconfigure tsm-client-base
or if you have RedHat then use
/opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/HFSsetup.sh reconfigure
In either case you must run the command with root permissions (use sudo in Ubuntu). You will be prompted for your TSM nodename and password.
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Applies To TSM, Linux

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