34. KBGEN0002 - "ANS1357S Session rejected: Downlevel client code version"

Summary This article will guide you through resolving the error message "ANS1357S Session rejected: Downlevel client code version" when you try to run TSM.
Symptom When trying to run TSM, the error message "ANS1357S Session rejected: Downlevel client code version" is returned.
Cause Possible Cause - You have accessed the TSM server from a machine using another machine's Nodename using a higher level of the TSM client than the current machine has loaded. Now trying to connect to the TSM server, the session is rejected as being 'downlevel'. This is because, as of TSM 4.2, the server records the client software level and strictly enforces the rule of disallowing lower-level-client access.
Resolution If you have already encountered this problem, please contact hfs@ox.ac.uk for further help. To avoid this problem, do not do cross-platform access to TSM backups. If you need to access another node's backups, for example to restore vital data after a disk or system crash, use the -virtualnodename option as documented in Restoring your data to another machine in the Command Line Interface instructions. Using this option does not cause the client level to be updated at the TSM server with the current machine's client level and is the supported method of cross-machine access to TSM Backups.
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