37. KBGEN0005 - "ANS2610S TCP/IP communications failure between the client and the server machine" or "TCP/IP invalid host name. Do you wish to continue for the purposes of local backupset restore?"

Summary This article will guide you through resolving the error messages "TCP/IP communications failure" or "TCP/IP invalid host name", followed by "Do you wish to continue for the purposes of local backupset restore?", when you try to run TSM. Windows users are recommended to follow instead our detailed troubleshooting guide on TSM network connectivity, rather than the following brief summary.
Symptom When trying to run TSM, the error message "TCP/IP invalid host name" is returned, followed by the question "Do you wish to continue for the purposes of local backupset restore?".
Cause 1 Possible Cause - this message will occur if there is a problem with your internet connection.
Resolution 1 Please check that you can browse web pages on the computer in question.
Cause 2 Possible Cause - you are using a broadband connection rather than a direct connection to the university network.
Resolution 2 The HFS can only be accessed from outside the university network using a VPN connection. This message will appear if you try to run TSM over broadband without VPN running.
Cause 3 Possible cause - a local firewall is preventing connection to the HFS.
Resolution 3 Normally a firewall would not interfere with use of the HFS - see our page on connecting to the HFS through a firewall. However, a local change in your department/college could result in you being unable to connect to the HFS. Please see your local IT if you think that this may be the case.
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