38. KBGEN0006 - During installation, TSM does not prompt for a nodename or password; when run, it tries to use an incorrect nodename.

Summary This article will guide you through what to do when TSM apparently installs gets installed without a nodename being entered.
Symptom During installation, TSM does not ask for a nodename or password; when run, TSM may report that your account is locked, or that you have entered the wrong nodename or password.
Cause When the TSM installer package is run, the program will normally ask you to enter both the TSM nodename that you have registered and the password that goes with it. However, if TSM has ever previously been installed on your machine, then the TSM installer will assume that you are upgrading an earlier version of TSM (even if the older version has long since been uninstalled). It will pick up on the TSM nodename used previously, and will therefore not ask you to enter one. After this installation has completed, when you run TSM, one of the following will happen:
  • If the old nodename was deregistered recently, you will see the error message "ANS1361E Session rejected: The specified node name is currently locked".
  • If the old nodename was deregistered some time ago, you will see the error message "ANS2622S An invalid ID or password submitted".
  • If the old nodename was not deregistered, then TSM will appear to run fine - however, it will be using the old nodename that it found on your machine, and you will not be backing up to the account that you just registered.
Resolution In order to force TSM to prompt you for your new nodename, you need to remove the file(s) where the old information is stored. For Windows, this is dsm.opt ; for Mac and Linux, it means both dsm.sys and dsm.opt. Locate this/these file(s) on your machine using our TSM configuration file list. Then rename them, e.g. to dsm-old.sys, dsm-old.opt, to keep them safe. Now run the TSM installer again: it will prompt you for a nodename and password.
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