39. KBGEN0007 - Data restores run very slowly.

Summary This article will guide you through what to do when your data restores run very slowly.
Symptom Data restores are running very slowly.
Cause 1 If you are not using a wired university network connection, then your download speed might not be sufficiently fast for the amount of data that you wish to restore.
Resolution 1 This should not be an issue on the wired university network; but, over a wireless or offsite connection, speeds will be limited. For a guide to how quickly you can restore data, use a speed test website to check your connection speed, and compare the results with the table of backup and restore speeds at our page on backup over VPN.
Cause 2 Data is being restored in many small restore sessions, rather than in a small number of large restore sessions.
Resolution 2 If you are repeatedly requesting small quantities of data, then this will ultimately be slower than selecting a large amount of data to restore in a single session. The HFS robot quickly locates, mounts, and finds its place on the appropriate data tape(s); but delays will occur if the tape is then put back in its library slot, only to be brought out again for a further small restore session. Minimise the number of restore sessions by selecting for restore as much as it is practicable for you to select all at once.
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Applies To TSM

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