40. KBGEN0008 - "ANS1355E Session rejected: Server disabled" and/or "ANS1312E Server media mount not possible"

Summary This article will guide you through resolving the error messages "ANS1355E Session rejected: Server disabled" and "ANS1312E Server media mount not possible" when you try to run TSM.
Symptom When trying to run TSM the error message "ANS1355E Session rejected: Server disabled" is returned. If a backup was attempted, e.g. on a scheduled backup, then the message "ANS1312E Server media mount not possible" is found in dsmerror.log.
Cause These messages indicate respectively that the TSM client was unable to connect to an HFS server and that it was unable run a backup, because the relevant TSM server was unavailable.
Resolution Check the IT Services System Status page. There may be information regarding an HFS system outage in the section on HFS backup or under the Announcements heading. If no such information is to be found, and the problem persists, please contact hfs@ox.ac.uk.
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