17. KBMAC0001 - Backups fail to complete

Summary Backup of a Mac fails while sending data from a drive or partition holding a very large number of files (typically, over a million).
Symptom Manual or scheduled backup of a Mac cuts out unexpectedly.
Cause Possible Cause - A Mac may run out of memory while backing up a drive or partition with a high file count. Please try one or both of the following two suggested resolutions.
Resolution 1 Exclude files from backup. Excluded files are not counted by TSM, and so if you have fewer files to back up then TSM is more likely to complete. You may only want to back up a small amount of the data on your machine, much less than TSM is selecting for backup by default. Please see our guide on how to exclude files and folders from backup.
Resolution 2 Alter the way that TSM uses memory when it runs backups. TSM is analysing each whole drive for backup in one go, but a simple change in its settings will make it process just one folder at once. It will therefore use less memory and this can fix the cut-out problem. Run TSM Tools for Administrators and then Tivoli Storage Manager. Go Edit, Client Preferences and then Performance Tuning (tab). Under Memory Usage Algorithm to be used during backup, change the selected button to Use memory saving method (from the default Use memory-resident method). Click Apply and then OK.
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Applies To TSM, Mac

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