6. KBWIN0006 - TSM Client does not load; a grey or white box appears

Summary This article will guide you resolving a Java client issue that prevents the TSM Client from loading.
Symptom When attempting to start TSM, a grey box appears and the TSM software does not start.
Cause The exact cause is unknown, but the cause is believed to be a conflict between the version of Java shipped with the TSM client and the graphics driver on the local machine.
Resolution Please follow the instructions on our page concerning this Java problem to resolve the issue.
Status Incompatible Java version - this is a workaround to resolve the issue.
More Information This has currently been found to affect Dell Optiplex 780 machines which were shipped with Windows 7 and downgraded to Windows XP. The version of Java shipped with the TSM Client that is used within Oxford University is an IBM version of Java that was produced in approx. 2008.
Applies To TSM, Java, Windows

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